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Vizium is more than a mere game. It is a vision of the future, a future where we will have to resolve many dilemmas in order for our species to survive. Our rooms offer the perfect real life portrayal of what is to come. You think you have experienced the best escape rooms in Montreal, well you still have to find the precious diamond inside the temple of Chiapas, deep in the Aztec jungle. But still, you owe it to yourself to prepare your best team to go and steal the high stakes from the biggest casino there is. Look no further, book now.

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Chiapas Temple

The Aztecs were polytheist and they demonstrate it a lot by their famous temple of Chiapas. You will have to collect 14 stones of the gods, which will allow you to advance in your quest for the hidden diamond.




90 min.

Casino Robbery

Welcome to the High Stakes of Vizium's casino, which will put you in the shoes of the most experienced thieves. The action plan, prepared by an employee who promised to share part of the prize, 2.5 million.




60 min.

Room 3

In the making...

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