Escape Room Vizium is a play center with extraordinary immersion and stimulation. Our escape games are excellent for testing your puzzle solving skills, to look for clues, and especially to exercise your team spirit in order to accomplish the objective of the scenario. Each game is one of a kind. The sound, the atmosphere, the decoration, the theme! Everything will be there to make you forget that this adventure is only an immersion! But above all, Have fun!

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Chiapas Temple

Go back in time to the Aztecs, in search of a precious diamond protected by their great gods. But nothing will be easy! Only those who will be able to collect the 14 stones will get the gem. For this, you will have to walk through their temple and solve all the great mysteries that have never been discovered.




90 min.

Casino Robbery

A casino robbery in 60 minutes? Is it achievable? Only you will tell us! The manager of the casino left, one of his employees found a way to access the safe. You must act!! Impersonate a cleaning team and perform the greatest theft in history! 2.5 million. Will you be able to? Neither seen nor known, leave as MILLIONAIRE!!




60 min.

Room 3

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